Increase your energy level and boost your metabolism.

Aids in the Loss of Weight, Inches, and Fat.

When seeking effective lifestyle treatments, you want a service that can help you feel as comfortable and secure as possible. Our Secret Place offers not only the most qualified healthcare practitioners but a luxury spa environment that can make the process painless, and even relaxing. For those who want to feel more energetic and live life to the full, our vitamin B12 shots are much more effective than anything you can buy in a store.

How Vitamin B12 Shots Work

It may sound too good to be true that a vitamin B12 shot is enough to make a drastic change to your energy levels, helping you feel an ongoing difference. However, Our Secret Place only offers treatments back by both the science and the results. B12 deficiencies are some of the most common in the world, causing feelings of fatigue, weakness, low moods, and difficulty concentrating. B12 plays a role in over 100 bodily functions every day, including the conversion of protein and fats, vital to your energy levels, neurotransmitter and hormone function, and even forming red blood cells. B12 shots can boost all these systems, helping you metabolize, balance your hormones, and feel much more energetic as a result.

The Benefits of a Vitamin B12 Shot

Several studies have shown the undeniable proof that vitamin B12 shots can help improve mood, help you feel more energetic, and improve concentration. However, they’ve been shown to have other benefits, besides. Both the improved metabolic processes and the feelings of energy have been shown to aid people in exercise and weight loss. Some studies show that a B12 shot can reduce and help treat depression. They can also lower fatigue by improving the production of creatine, which is vital for creating muscle mass, helping you shake off the feeling of weakness. Some claim that B12 can even improve the appearance of their hair, skin, and nails. While the metabolic boost it provides would support that, it might not necessarily be noticeable in every case.

How We Help

Receiving vitamin B12 shots is a relatively short procedure involving little else but the shot itself. We may take a blood test in advance to check your current B12 levels, seeing whether you have a deficiency or not. But boosted vitamin B12 levels can help even those without a deficiency. We can also offer advice on how to keep your B12 levels up in future. Further shots can help, but there are changes to your diet and lifestyle that might further support the body’s natural synthesis of the vitamin. We have a fully-qualified team of medical professionals, so you can rest assured you’re only going to get the treatments you ask for from the most secure hands.

Our Secret Place can help with all kinds of aesthetic and lifestyle healthcare procedures in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Contact us through our online contact form or call us at (949) 585-9080 for our Irvine location or (626) 472-0022 for our Baldwin Park Location. We can offer all kinds of advice, answer any questions, and book an appointment as soon as you’re happy to proceed.


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